Extraordinary Ordinaries: The ginger beards behind 'Ginger Beard Coffee'

When you start a business, you need to be memorable, and if you have a big, red beard incorporated into your marketing, that’s a recipe for success!

"Yeah I mean it's hard not to notice. It's gotten to the point where it's 'no shave never', so we'll keep it long," Josh Glass of Ginger Beard Coffee explained.

"It is what we are, big red beards!,” added Derek Scanlon, the other half of the Ginger Beard duo. “They’re kind of like our bodies - I'm tall and have a long, narrow beard. Josh is more stocky, and he has a round beard- so it's us!"

They decided to marry their passion and dream of owning their own business with who they are- and presto! Ginger Beard Coffee was born!

"It's not ginger that we're putting in the coffee; it's ginger on our faces. It's Ginger Beard Coffee. It's different; it makes people question what’s going on. It has people saying ‘it’s weird, but I want to check it out and experience it’," Scanlon said.

There is nothing normal about these two or Ginger Beard Coffee. It's located inside a bar in Channelside - The Pour House - where they occupy space and time when the popular spot for locals is closed.

These two marvels of masculinity have perfected a "nitro-infused" cold brew. A 12-ounce coffee that, they say, has the same caffeine as three cups of coffee.

These two, ginger beards and all, were in the corporate world before they launched their business. They wore ties to work, sat at a cubicle and typed on their computers day-in and day-out. But it was their pursuit of "facial hair freedom" that made them walk away.

But it wasn’t completely with ease.

"The scariest part was leaving the comfort and security of my job. Leaving the health benefits, leaving the 401k-- leaving it to chase a dream, to meet people and to serve them where they’re at," Scanlon said.

The dream is now a reality and they say they want to fulfill your need for conversation, community and caffeine.              

"Not necessarily to get filthy rich selling coffee, but to change lives by selling a great cup of coffee, and to have that motivation makes it easier to throw on that t-shirt and come to work until 2:00 every day.”

Click here to check out the Ginger Beard Coffee website.

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