Smoked Salmon French Rolled Omelet

Smoked Salmon French Rolled Omelet

Servings: 1 Omelet

3 whole organic eggs, beaten

¼ cup Smoked Salmon

2 Tbsp Crème fraiche

1 tbsp black caviar

1 tsp clarified butter


1. Preheat non-stick pan to medium high heat, add clarified butter

2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F

3. Add beaten eggs to center of pan

4. Cook without stirring until edges begin to set and bubble

5. Lift one of the edges and allow egg to go underneath

6. Cook until edges set and repeat approximately two more times

7. Arrange smoked salmon in the center of the omelet and across the length of the omelet

8. Transfer to oven and cook until egg is fully set

9. Remove from oven and fold French style, first half to center, then into second half.

10. Top with dollop of crème fraiche and caviar

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