Mom thanks March of Dimes for preemie triplets' care

- Tierra Allen was overwhelmed after an early delivery of three small gifts of life on Christmas Day 2016.

Her triplets, daughter Zenobia and sons Zamar and Zakar, were born weighing only about four pounds each.

"When I went, they said that the babies were a little underweight at 33 weeks and that they were going to give me a shot to strengthen the babies' lungs. I went back Saturday to finish the second dosage, then I delivered them the following Sunday, which was Christmas Day," explained Allen.

The triplets were so small, they had to stay in the NICU for two weeks.

"They were little. I used to be kind of scared to handle them because they were little," said Allen.

But four months later, they are growing and gaining.

"They are all now about 10 pounds," said Allen

She says the outcome may not have been possible without the efforts of the March Of Dimes to give a fighting chance to all preemies.

"Thank you March Of Dimes for supporting my babies while they were in the NICU," said Allen.

For more information on the March Of Dimes March For Babies events,

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