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I am a storyteller at heart. One of my favorite stories to share is that of a little boy born about 40 years ago in Richmond, Virginia. Not long after birth, he had a very high fever as a result of severe bladder complications. Doctors eventually determined he was born with a potentially life-threatening birth defect called bilateral reflux. For unknown reasons, his ureters leading to his bladder were kinked. 

It was a fairly unusual defect not seen often in boys back then, and doctors weren't quite sure how to address it. But time was critical because bacteria was building in his body and his fever soared while on several different antibiotics. Eventually one of his surgeons successfully surgically reimplanted his ureters.

By now, you know that little boy was me.

Today, I am a healthy husband and father of two children with no complications. My surgeon says it was March of Dimes-funded research that gave him the confidence and information he needed to perform the risky surgery on an infant.

I will always be grateful to March of Dimes and the millions of people around the world who support it.

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