Customers continue to report Frontier issues

- Ed Solomon has spent the past two weeks waiting. His home phone line is dead. He thinks his TV isn't far behind. He's just one of the hundreds of customers still fed up with Frontier.

"I invested about 15 hours trying to connect with people," Solomon said Monday.  "I had to talk to four different people and none of them had any idea of what I was talking about."

He finally gave up trying to find a solution with the communications company.  At 82 years old, this weekend, he had to go buy his first cell phone.

"It moved me up about 100 years!" he laughed.

Still, his grievances with Frontier are crystal clear.  He built a handmade sign for his front yard, reading, "ATT: Frontier Co. Phone out."

"If I had an emergency, I couldn't get 911. So I guess that's why I built a sign. To get attention, really," Solomon said.

While Frontier says each individual case is concerning to them, according to their numbers, only 0.3 to 0.4 percent of their Bay Area customers are dealing with specific service issues. A spokesperson tells FOX 13, "...servicing our customers is a priority and we are completing more jobs at a higher rate than two weeks ago."

Solomon is skeptical and hopes his handmade sign helps.

"We're so powerless to do anything of any magnitude, so I tried to do whatever I could to call attention to the loss," he said.

In the meantime, he's not holding his breath for a solution anytime soon.

"It's just one thing after another. And now that I'm losing sleep, I'm going to give up the battle," Solomon added.

Frontier says this week, they have 1,200 technicians out in the field to correct problems. They say they're completing about 2,200 jobs daily.

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