How to downgrade your iPhone

- Did you know there’s a way to undo the updates of iOS 10 that so many people are complaining about?

Apparently consumers miss being able to swipe to unlock, the appearance of the old emojis, and don’t like some of the new texting options.  Others complain about battery drain and apps crashing.

If you want to go back to iOS 9, follow these steps:

1. BACK UP!! Downgrading wipes all of the data on your device, so back it up on the iCloud or iTunes before you re-install iOS 9 and reset your phone back to factory mode. You also need to turn off the 'Find My' feature on your device before you start

2. PLUG IN! Plug your iPhone into your Mac or PC. Find the iOS 9 ipsw file in your user folder/Library/iTunes.

3. OPEN THE FOLDER! Find iPad Software Updates or iPhone Software Updates folder.

4. LAUNCH -  With your device plugged in to the computer, launch iTunes and click on your device, before selecting summary.

5. RESTORE - If you're using a PC, hold Shift, and if you're on a Mac hold the Alt/Option key and click the restore button.

6. OPEN the iOS 9.3.2 ipsw file and it should be installed on your device.

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