Life on-demand: Laundry service available in Tampa

- If jam-packed days have you spinning, try laundry on-demand could help ease the load. 

The service in Tampa is called WashClub and has been helping busy people save time by picking up, washing, drying, folding and returning laundry on-demand. 

WashClub owner Ryan Foster days people spend between two and three hours a week doing laundry, but for the last year he's been cutting that time down to zero for his customers. 

"It’s a simple click on our end, and they're sent a text, and they can track the driver on GoogleMaps; see the little driver come up to work or home. I do some of the driving, a lot are local firefighters on their off days. They sign up with me," Foster explained of the WashClub process. 

They take it to a local laundromat where it's washed and dried to order. You choose what you want on the WashClub website or app.

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"Let’s say free and clear detergent, warm water for your colors, and you want cold for your whites," Foster demonstrates.

They charge by the pound. An average person produces 20-25 pounds of laundry a week. For a family of four, that's 75-80 pounds. So that means for the low-end price, an individual is looking at spending $30-$37 a week. A family will spend $112-$120.

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For the high-end price, one person would pay up to $50 a week, and a family up to $160.

"We just tell people, give us your best estimate and we have a commercial scale here, registered by state of Florida," Foster said.

WashClub advertises 24-hour turn around, and morning and evening pickup and drop-offs, five days a week.

"When you get it back, it's organized, sorted, wrapped, bagged for you, so when you get it back, all you have to do is take it out of the bag and put it in the drawer," Foster said.

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