Cash in on unused items in your closet

- It's closet clean out time and we're on the search for the best way to turn your clothes into cash online.

The fashion re-sale industry is booming - at $15 billion in annual revenue, according to the Wall Street Journal - so we wanted to check out some popular platforms and help you get your share.

Poshmark is known for trendy and seasonal pieces.With Poshmark, you download the mobile app and upload a pic of the item you're looking to sell. Buyers and sellers can message each other directly to discuss prices.

When your item's bought, you get a shipping label and all you have to do is package and mail the item. Poshmark takes a 20 percent cut of your sale.

Tradesy deals mostly in high-end women's clothing. They suggest the price, provide a shipping kit, and handle returns. They take a 9 percent commission if you take store credit as payment. If you want cash, they take 12.

There are some consumer complaints online though, that what you see posted isn't always what sellers send. However, Tradesy offers a full refund for fakes.

Threadup focuses on women's clothing and accessories and children's clothes that have tags to prove the brand. You request a "clean out" bag - which arrives with a prepaid shipping label. Load your items into the bag and sent it back. Your profit varies from 10 to 80 percent based on whether you choose to take an upfront payment or actual cut of the sale. They have a payout estimator you can check online first.

Therealreal buys and sells both women's and men's luxury fashion, fine jewelry and watches, and fine art. They take a 30-40 percent cut but help you figure out the value and provide a free shipping kit.

But when they say luxury, they mean luxury. Prices start at $25 for items like books and kids t-shirts and go up to $45,000 for designer items.

Don't forget eBay, which takes 10 percent plus its payment processor, Paypal, which takes an additional 3 percent. If you haven't used eBay in a while, a lot has changed since the days of basic auctions and BuyNow prices.

One more tip for your closet clean-out: Tackle the task on a dirty laundry day. The things you wear most will be in the laundry basket, making the things you don't easier to find.

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