Don't forget to tip during the holidays


This time of year we get so wrapped up with buying gifts for family, friends, and secret Santa that we can easily forget some people that are an integral part of our daily lives. It is important to show a little extra gratitude to those that make everyday more special. Here’s how much you should consider tipping to show your appreciation according to personal finance site Kiplinger.

USPS mail carriers can’t accept cash by law, but they can accept a gift under 20 dollars. If you have been ordering online a lot, chances are you have a relationship with your FedEx or UPS driver too. FedEx doesn’t allow drivers to accept cash or gift cards, but they do allow gifts up to a $75 value.

Newspaper delivery people and trash collectors should get a tip between $10 and $30. Try to wake up earlier and hand them a nice note along with it. They’re often the first ones up in the mornings and seeing a sincere smile could make their day. 

Childcare providers should get at least a week’s pay and a small present from your child is a nice added touch. A nanny or Au Pair that has been with the family for years might be deserving of something extra special during the holidays. 

Doormen deserve $25-$100. This can depend on your building and neighborhood, so if you’re not sure just ask a neighbor. 

Give a thoughtful gift to teachers and coaches to thank them for all they do for your kids. You can also pool your resources with other parents for one amazing gift.

Tip the cost of a visit or session to your cleaning person, personal trainer, hair stylist, and massage therapist. You shouldn’t feel obligated if you generously tip throughout the year, but these are the people keeping you and your home looking great every day. 

If the same parking attendant provides you with service regularly, think about tipping $10-$50 the next time you are in the garage. 

If you can’t afford to, or someone special can’t accept tips, remember that some homemade cookies or a thoughtful note can mean just as much. 

By no means is there a hard set list of people you have to tip. It’s really quite simple. Ask yourself, do they make a difference in my life? If so, try and make a difference in theirs. 


Happy tipping.

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