Life on-demand: Rented clothes delivered to your door

- Why box yourself in to the clothes in your closet when the closet can come to you?  

The number of subscription services for clothes is growing. Some, like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club offer personal stylists for women and men. To get started, you fill out a survey of looks that you like. Your online stylist selects clothes based on your preference and offers tips and ideas how to wear them, and then you receive five items straight to your door.

They advertise that looking great shouldn’t be inconvenient, trying to market to busy people who might be a little lost when it comes to fashion. Your first box includes a measuring tape and a questionnaire with a letter from your stylist to get to know your style better. To shop, you pick a price range you want to shop in and then only keep the clothes that you like.

But if what you’re looking for is a rotating wardrobe, renting could be more cost effective. We tried out Le Tote after seeing ads all over Facebook.

The first round of outfits they sent were supposed to be for work. We picked the “career” style option and a strappy shirt arrived. The other shirt seemed to be silky online but was actually a t-shirt.

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To be fair, the written description was accurate, but shopping by sight alone was a little misleading. The items were also very wrinkled.

So a fail, you might be thinking. Nope, not at all.

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After a little bit of ironing and tweaking the style profile that you can personalize online, not only did future LeTote packages match better and provide great variety, but the sales offered on the items made it tempting to buy and keep them. You have access to discounted prices on the items in the tote for the time you’re borrowing the clothes only. Once you return them they go back to full price to purchase.

So is it cost effective?

For $60 a month, you get three clothing items and two accessories – as many times as you want. You wear them, but it all back in the envelope they send, (which fits in your mailbox, no post office trip needed), and you get your next package within three to five days. You can easily get up to nine to twelve items in a month which definitely stretches your dollars.

Five Four Club offers the same service at that same price for guys. Another option, Gwinnie Bee, is for women sized ten to thirty two. Their monthly rate starts at $50 for one item and goes up to $200 for 10.

Clothes on your doorstep, fashion on demand.

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