Wifi-related glitch discovered in new Samsung S8

- Dozens of users have reported a glitch with the Wi-Fi on their brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones, as Samsung reportedly pushes a fix out to phone owners.

Ben Fiore, of Tampa, noticed the issue right after opening his phone on launch day April 21. His phone repeatedly forced open a pop up message that reads "DQA keeps stopping."

Essentially it prevents the phone from using Wi-Fi to access the internet.

Fiore says he called his carrier, Verizon, which suggested that he turn off Wi-Fi and use his data until a permanent fix was available.

[They said] turn off your Wi-Fi and that problem will go away," said Fiore. He worried about his data usage because of his limited data plan. Fiore says Verizon told him if he went over his limit for the month, they would issue a refund for an overage.

Fiore says he got a software update pushed to his phone on Wednesday which fixed the problem, but some users may still be awaiting the update.

Ben Poovey, of Carrollwood phone repair shop Tech Accessory Zone, says he advises customers to hold off before purchasing a phone immediately after it debuts on the market because of expected glitches.

"I tell everybody don't buy a new phone the day it comes out. Wait a few months, see what happens and then purchase it," said Poovey.

FOX 13 e-mailed media relations representatives from Samsung several times, but they have not responded. It's unclear when the software update will be available for all users.

Samsung's last reported smartphone issue garnered international attention and resulted in a recall for the Galaxy Note 7, which in many cases exploded or caught fire because of a battery defect.

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