Survivor star Skupin convicted on 4 counts of child porn possession

- A former reality TV star is now a convicted felon.

Michael Skupin was found guilty on four of six counts of possession of child pornography Friday.

Skupin, a star on Survivor, went to trial Thursday. Today he took the stand and a few hours later a jury found him guilty.

When Skupin was on Survivor he was a religious person and led the tribes in Christian prayer. He then made money as a Christian motivational speaker.  The Attorney General's office had him under surveillance and confiscated his computers, later finding child pornography on them. Now he's been found guilty.

Skupin stood stone-faced as the guilty verdicts come in.  And after court the Survivor star made a quick exit.

FOX 2: "Mike, do you are have anything to say? You were found guilty on four of the six charges?"

Skupin walked out without answering questions.

Just a few hours earlier Mike Skupin denied he knew anything about the photos of prepubescent girls in sexual situations on two of his laptops.

Prosecutor: "Do you have any idea how any of those pictures gotten on those laptops?"

"I have no idea," he said.

Skupin sent news photographs of himself. the prosecutor stating there were hundreds of nude photos of Skupin on his computers.

Prosecutor: "Did you ever send out pictures of your naked body to people on Facebook?

"I, um, may have been in a relationship where we did some exchanging of ...  uh ..."

Prosecutor: "Is that a yes?"

Mike Skupin's attorney Stephen Lynch expressed disappointment.

"Obviously we're disappointed by the verdict," said Lynch. "The jury did dismiss two counts."

FOX 2: "Are you happy with the verdict?"

"Yes, very happy," said the Oakland County assistant prosecutor. "I feel a just result was reached. Very happy."

This week's trial was the first round of charges from the Attorney General.  Skupin is being tried next week on the Ponzi scheme fraud charges.

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