Outrage grows over 'A Dog's Purpose" movie

- There's growing outrage over newly leaked footage from the movie "A Dog's Purpose."

The film is meant to tug at the heart strings of dog lovers.  However disturbing new video from behind the scenes is causing an uproar.  It was released this week by TMZ. 

In the clip a German Shepard appears terrified to get in the rushing water, but is forced in anyway.  Later in the clip you see the dog's head actually disapear underwater.

PETA is calling for a boycott.

"This movie didn't treat dogs with respect. This movie only cares about how dogs can be used to make money," said Liam Cronin, a PETA spokesperson.

Tampa dog trainer Glen Hatchell tells FOX 13 the dog's reaction likely wasn't due to a lack of training. It was due to fear.

"It is possible within 5 or 10 minutes the dog would've gotten comfortable. They were forcing the dog to deal with it. That's where they crossed the line," Hatchell said.

TMZ reports a representative from the American Humane Association has been suspended.  The AHA monitors animal safety on movie-sets.

PETA tells FOX 13 this kind of thing is not uncommon.

"On set time is money and these animals are treated like nothing but props," said Cronin.

For dog lover Lisa Badyna the clip was too much.  "I was interested in seeing the movie now I'm not sure I'll go," she said.

The film is scheduled for release next Friday.


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