Miami Police Union to boycott Beyonce

- Police in Miami are boycotting Beyonce.  It is all in response to her new music video "Formation" which highlights police brutality.  

On Thursday we told you about how some Tampa police officers are refusing to work security at Beyonce's upcoming concert.  Now in Miami the police union says they have voted to boycott the concert altogether. 

However people are curious if the video actually puts all police in a negative light.  Aisha Durham is a Culture Studies scholar and she says everything about "Formation" simply shows African-Americans and how they can overcome hardships.  

"It's not necessarily a confrontation, as some people have suggested, but it is a way to say that even without institutional power that you as one person are powerful," Durham said. 

As of Thursday no officers signed up to work at the April concert in Miami.  Despite the debate, the department says they will work to fill the list because not doing so would be a huge security risk.



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