Holograms go mainstream for advertisers, consumers

- Hollywood has imagined 3D holographs in science fiction films for decades. 

Now, companies are producing and selling holographic technology to businesses and consumers across the nation. 

A South Florida company called Pulse Evolution drew national attention for creating a 3D projection of Michael Jackson for use in posthumous concerts. 

Last month, the Reagan Library unveiled its 3D projection of former President Ronald Reagan. 

"You have to do a phenomenal number of things technologically to bring him to life and we've achieved it," said Reagan Library Executive Director John Heubusch. “It truly is America the beautiful.”

Now, another company in West Palm Beach called AIM Holographics is selling the equipment to produce or display 3D projections in businesses and homes. 

Carl Minardo sells cameras systems to record the images and the units that project and bounce them off angled screens to create the effect. It is roughly based on the pepper's ghost effect you see at Disney's Haunted Mansion, but designed to make people look real instead of like ghosts. 

Minardo has found interest from several industries including funeral homes because people who pre-plan their funerals can also pay to record their own goodbyes.  Minardo has also found interest from museums and universities that see potential in live transmissions.  

“[Imagine instructors] taking questions, answering, responding in a very real, as real as can be, except you and I aren’t there,” said Minardo. 

Phone companies are also experimenting with holographic communications.  

As 5G mobile networks take off, they hope to offer transmissions of live 3D projections from phone to phone.  

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