Tampa boy takes national stage in 'The Mick'

- Whether he's playing with toys, tinkering with his computer, or spending quality time with his parents, 9-year-old Jack Stanton is just an everyday kid. But there's something that makes him stand out in his neighborhood. He is on a hit TV series.

He's one of the stars of FOX's "The Mick." The show is about an unconventional aunt suddenly thrown into the role of caretaker for her niece and nephews.

Jack plays the youngest nephew, Ben.

"I'm usually really nervous and I have to memorize my lines for that day and I'm always working really hard on them," said Jack. 

"We can put some ridiculous things in his mouth so everything he says comes across as ridiculous but very sweet," said actress Kaitlin Olson, who plays Jack's aunt on the show.

Jack's parents take turns traveling back and forth to California for shoots with their son. They work with the show's producers to make sure his lines don't push the envelope.

"He's the last innocent kid on the show and they try to keep him innocent in real life as well and they work with us really well to keep him out of the edginess of everything and not make him say things he shouldn't be saying at that age," said Jack's father, Gary.

They keep him grounded.

"It's easy when you're on the set. You have so much attention and so many people bringing you water and bringing you things. I like that he can go to school and stand in line like everyone else," said his mother, Amy.

Jack got his start about five years ago with commercial work. Then he auditioned for "The Mick". 

"They said that from the very beginning when they saw him he was the one they were comparing to the entire time," said Gary.

Jack's TV family has been a big support for the young actor. He said his TV siblings aren't much different from his real-life siblings. 

"My sisters are nice, they're nice and they're always able to get me happy," he said.

He's also a big fan of co-star, Scott MacArthur.

"He's one of the writers and he's really fun to work with cause he's funny."

"I wanna know when Jack's gonna become the mayor of Tampa?" joked MacArthur.

Jack's parents said that wouldn't surprise them at all.

"When he sets his mind to something he goes for it," said Gary.

But before he takes over Tampa, Jack has a dream of working with one of his favorite action heroes.

"I really want to do something with Harrison Ford. That would be awesome," he added.

But for now, he's focused on bringing the laughs on "The Mick," which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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