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Hometown Heroes: Science of Farming

Jennifer Epstein reports

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  • San Jose has declared a state of emergency after the Coyote Creek spilled over its banks. Jesse Gary reports.
  • Dionne Anglin reports.
  • At Anderson Race Park in Palmetto, Mayor Rick Kreisman and others meet to talk about the 13th annual Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. It's also a chance for Mayor Kreisman to challenge others mayors in seeing who can burn rubber the fastest.
  • Instructions for one teacher's DIY chairs for special needs children go inspires others!
  • What's Right With Tampa Bay
  • The second day of testimony wrapped up in the hearing for a retired Tampa police captain using the 'Stand Your Ground' defense after shooting and killing a man in a Wesley Chapel movie theater. The defense tried Tuesday to convince a judge that Curti
  • Delivery company UPS is seeing how drones could help them make their drivers more efficient. They conducted a first-of-its-kind test just outside of Tampa, but their big reveal didn't go exactly as planned. The plan is to see whether drones can succe
  • Florida's embattled death penalty procedures have had attorneys confused about their clients' fates, but a new ruling allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty while the details are ironed out. This all but kills Mariso Best's chances of escaping