Posted: Feb 19, 2016 12:10PM EST

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Marry Me Tampa Bay's Top Wedding Trends

Wedding and bridesmaid gowns, flowers, lights and even dogs with GoPros!

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  • Meteorologist Jim Weber

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    Monday Afternoon Forecast

  • Snowy conditions and chilly temperatures might make some miserable, but not so much for others. Bella, a rescue horse from Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, may be from the Sunshine State, but she was clearly enjoying the white blanket of snow in Mas

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  • Police arrested a man suspected of carrying a bomb into the New York City subway system.

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    Bomb suspect arrested

  • New York Governor Cuomo says New York remains a target for terrorists.

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    Gov. Cuomo updates terror attack

  • The mayor says, "the terrorists will not win. We are going to keep being New Yorkers."

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    Mayor Bill de Blasio

  • An obese squirrel was caught on video stealing gourmet chocolate and lip balm that a family leaves outside as a holiday treat for delivery people. Michele Boudreaux, of Maplewood, New Jersey, said on her blog she provides candy, snacks, tissues, hand
  • A pipe bomb reportedly exploded in the New York City subway system.

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    Pipe bomb explosion reported

  • There was a report of an explosion in the subway at 42nd St. on Monday morning.

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    Reported explosion in subway