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Marry Me Tampa Bay's Top Wedding Trends

Wedding and bridesmaid gowns, flowers, lights and even dogs with GoPros!

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  • An Antioch man has died after eating nacho cheese from a Sacramento area gas station.
  • Vigil for teen killed in tragic accident
  • Woman wakes up to find stranger in her bed
  • In the wake of two deaths last year, promoters are promising safety changes to this weekend's Sunset Music Festival at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.
  • Professor: followers of hate groups often hurt one another
  • While the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it has improved since its national scandal of 2014, veterans across the Tampa Bay area say they're still waiting for benefits they deserve. And those who die waiting for benefits pass their struggle
  • An admitted neo-Nazi who found two of his roommates murdered – allegedly at the hands of his third roommate – is now himself under arrest after, agents say, they found bomb-making materials in his garage.
  • It’s barely five o’clock on a Thursday, and already a long line has formed at the bar inside First Magnitude Brewing. Some of the folks in line are holding empty mugs: refill time. Off to the side, 15 or so people have formed a semi-circle around