Faith In Action: 2nd Chance Center For Boyz

TAMPA, Fla.-  Consider Keith Babb the captain of a team often overlooked: young boys teetering toward a life of crime.
"You have to think of the examples they see in their communities and their schools. It's not always the best examples. Even in their own lives, a lot of the men are absent, they're incarcerated," Babb said. 
He knows firsthand, having grown up in a single-parent household himself. It's what inspired him to start 2nd Chance Center for Boyz. 
"This is a ministry that God laid on my heart around 2011," he said.  
Babb and a group of adult male mentors work with 12 kids at a time, flagged as at-risk by the court system, probation officers, or even concerned parents. For 6 weeks, they work as a group on community service, character development, and Christian values. 
"Every group of men I have I take them on a tour of USF. Even though it's 5 minutes away, a lot of them have never been on that campus," he said. 
Turns out, the positive programming works. Over the past four years, 90 percent of their kids have gone on to succeed and steer clear of crime.
Babb says each class is his chance to be a blessing on a young boy. It's a calling he doesn't take lightly.
"This is a generation we may lose. Someone has to put effort into them, someone has to sow seeds into their lives so we don't lose this generation," Babb said.
2nd Chance Center for Boys is working with Bank of America to take over and refurbish a foreclosed home as their headquarters.
For more information on the group, visit 
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