Hometown Heroes: Vet Care Express


Brittany Hornsby can't think of anything she loves more than her dog, Stripe.

"She's my baby. I've had her for 14 years now. I can't imagine what I'd do losing her," said Brittany.

So when Stripe disappeared on New Year's Eve, Brittany was devastated.

"I just couldn't stop thinking that someone was going to take my dog and they'd want to keep her because she's so pretty," she recalled.

While Brittany searched for Stripe, Chris Ankwiz was on the other side of town doing what he does best:  helping an animal in distress. Chris has worked in the veterinary field for 16 years and is co-owner of Vet Care Express Animal Service.

"I've been in this field for so long. I love all pets," said Chris.

It turned out the stray dog that Chris went to help was Brittany's dog Stripe.

"Stripe was zonked out, he was dehydrated and confused. I think he thought he was at his home but he was about 12 miles away from his location," explained Chris.

Chris didn't know Brittany or that she was even looking for her dog when he responded to the call that someone found a stray dog. But after Chris checked him out and took him to the vet he posted the story on Facebook, and was able to get Stripe back to his mom.

"I got a call from Stripe's mom and she was crying and happy. It was a good moment. I think we will have a forever bond— me, stripe and mom," said Chris. 

Helping owners reunite with their lost dogs isn't something Vet Care Express normally does, but Chris says he'd never turn his back on an animal in need.

"We are a private entity we are not out looking for every lost animal. But if we can be there, we will.  Our slogan is driven by compassion. If we're around and we can help, we'd be happy to do so," said Chris.

Chris is grateful he answered the New Year's Day call.

"We're happy. We're happy; we feel blessed about it," said Chris.

And Brittany is thankful for the heroes who brought her best friend back home.

"It feels amazing. No words can describe it," said Brittany.


 For more information on Vet Care Express Animal Ambulance, visit  http://vetcareexpress.com/.

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