Dealing with an early pollen season

- In Florida, the high pollen counts typically range from mid-March to mid-April.  This year, it seems pollen season is a little ahead of schedule. 

"When I see all the pollen on my car, it makes me go take an allergy pill and do nose spray up my nose," said allergy sufferer Lisa Gallea.

FOX 13's Dr. Jo says the reason we sneeze and suffer is an abnormal immune reaction.

"We produce a kind of antibody that causes the histamine to be released when that happens we get the itchy eye, the runny noses the sneezing," said Dr. Joette Giovinco.

Taking an anti-histamine can help.

"Antihistamines can work in the short term however if your someone who has allergies year round then you might be a candidate for a allergy shots or allergy drops," she said.

Either way, you may want to figure it out soon, because the peak of is still a few weeks away.

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