'Dream Momma' offers to decode the deeper meaning of dreams

- Fleeting images, disturbing pictures: The mind can be a confusing, even terrifying place when we fall asleep. But a Bay Area woman claims she can help you unlock the mysteries of what your mind is trying to reveal when you dream.

Velva Lee Heraty is a Jungian depth psychotherapist, and author of the book 'The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer,' which sold out during tours in Chicago and New York City. But most people just call her "Dream Momma," she told us.

"If you shared a dream with me, I can reframe it. I can send it back to you with a different vision about the dream; a different perspective, a different way to look at the dream that opens up your consciousness," Velva said.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she helped survivors deal with the deep, sometimes dark images in their minds. 

"A national nightmare hotline was created and I volunteered to take crisis calls on Sunday nights for a year. What surprised me was the calls came from all over the country," Velva recalled.

One of her recent clients, Peggy Stein, asked Dream Momma to help her unravel a dream 31 years in the making.

"The dream was about my wedding day and my grandfather showing up. However, my grandfather had already been dead for 14 months when I got married and I had this dream seven years later when I was pregnant with my daughter," Peggy explained.

Peggy went on the say Velva helped her crack to code. "I learned that I still needed validation from this man who has been dead for so many years."

So how does Velva do it? What's her secret? Velva says the secret is inside of all of us.

"Every dream has a primary symbol. Every dream does. You find the primary symbol and you start viewing it from many different perspectives and then you start making connections to the primary symbol," she explained.

Velva also believes the worst dreams may not be as bad as you think.

"I like nightmares the best because they're full of the deepest, darkest unconscious material. And it's very good to look at that because you can transform it. They help you to learn about yourself to understand who you are," Velva said.

So perhaps the next time you fall asleep, you'll be able to discover the real you in dreamland.

LINK: For more information on Velva's dream studies: dreammomma@gmail.com

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