Legally blind teen sees parents' faces with new technology

- The glasses allowed her to read regular print and will undoubtedly help her in the classroom as she heads to Texas Tech in the Fall. 

"I think the thing that, when I got really emotional about everything, is what these glasses have the potential to do for me," Lexi told FOX 4.

However, it couldn’t compare to the emotion she felt when she saw her parents’ faces.

"She looked toward us. The smile came on Lexi's face and my wife Dena just took off running toward her,” said dad Alex Rendon.

“Just tears of joy knowing that she saw me,” added Dena Rendon.

High school senior Lexi Rendon is legally blind, and no stranger to adversity. She was born with a rare form of cancer that claimed her left eye and most of the vision in her right. Even the strongest, however, can use a helping hand. Her seeing-eye dog “Honey” helps guide her most of the time, but recently she tried on a pair of eSight glasses and Lexi saw clearly for the first time in her life. 

Lately Lexi has been the generous one. According to, she formed “Lexi’s Gifts” in 2014 as a way to purchase gifts for teens with cancer at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Now that generosity has come full circle. A GoFundMe page was created, and students at Ennis High School, along with members of her Texas community, raised the $10,000 needed to purchase the life-changing eyewear.

With her new e-glasses, her trusty guide dog at her side, and a community behind her -- It’s college that needs to look out for Lexi. 

Watch the video to see the emotional sight. 

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