Online yoga sensation calls Bay Area home

- Charity LeBlanc is a guru in her field. She’s an expert in yoga and has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Her fans aren't following her just for her impossible poses, or because of her bright, blue hair.  They are interested in her unique fitness routines – which often include her kids – 5-year-old Oakley and 2-year-old City.

"I have followers from all over the world; from Moscow, Istanbul," LeBlanc said. "I started doing yoga after getting pregnant with my kids.  I was looking for a really easy way to ease back into fitness. That would be gentle on my body. I was having trouble doing the hard-hitting cardio. I took a [yoga] class after I had my son.  I just loved it.”

But LeBlanc says getting out of the house for a scheduled class with a new baby at home was difficult. So she started watching classes online, at home.

Then she started posting her pictures and videos on Instagram. 

"In the beginning of this year, a couple of my videos just took off and that was really exciting," LeBlanc recalled.

Then her posts were highlighted on Buzzfeed and, and her audience exploded.

"For me, I learned as I went. Now I want to help other people get into it. I'm developing a program with my husband. We’re doing online classes so moms who can't make it to class, you can just  log in and practice," LeBlanc explained.  

Now, it's not always pretty, peaceful or perfect, but she hopes her kids will continue to practice yoga with her. 

"Hopefully, they'll be holding me at some point," she laughed. "Honestly, I think it’s really good for them even if they don't become yogis themselves. I'm sure the coordination and the skills they're learning, it’s a good base for any sport or athletics.”

For more information you can follow charity on Instagram at or visit her website,

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