The ups and downs of sleeping separate

- Things like snoring and mismatched schedules can prevent some couples from getting a good night's sleep -- leading some to opt to sleep in separate beds.

Psychologist Dr. Dae Sheridan says with work, kids, laundry or just paying bills, sharing a bed at night is the only time some busy couples exclusively share.

"If we take that away, it's a slippery slope to becoming super awesome roommates," she offered.

Sheridan says it’s the sense of touch that triggers centers in our brain. "Our hormones start going, we have a rise in oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone.  So if we are completely disconnected physically with someone in a relationship, that can cause issues in a relationship."

On the flip side, she says getting a restful night's sleep is also important. If there is disruption in sleep, someone can become grumpy and they won't be in the best mood. Then, they won't have enough energy to engage properly with their partner.

In order to address the problem, you must first acknowledge there is one. Then look for ways to fix it. 

For snoring, earplugs or specialized nose plugs may help.

Dr. Sheridan says resolving marital discord can dissolve some night-time rifts, but she also admits there are times when it's best to sleep separately.

"Sometimes it's OK if a couple has found a system that works for them," she said. But that system should have some awake time too.

"Being able to spend that time together and make time for intimacy, and then say 'break' and go to their separate rooms, sometimes that can really work for a couple."

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