Faith in Action: Toolbox Ministry

- Home is where Annabelle Hara's heart is. She's lived in the same house since 1957.

While her home is sparkling and spotless, the nearly 90-year old widow can't do everything on her own anymore. That's where Northside Baptist Church's Toolbox Ministry steps in. A team of 30 volunteers offer their time and talents to do handiwork around the houses of those in need.

"We looked around the church and we had a lot of widows, a lot of single moms, military wives who's spouses were deployed overseas," Pastor Daryn Mullholand said.

Volunteers fix, paint, clean, cook, and always keep an eye out for odd jobs they spot while they're on site. The jobs never take more than a couple of hours- time well spent, according to Mullholand.

"Most of them are on fixed incomes. So we just come and take care of it," he said.

It's something small to the volunteers of the Toolbox Ministry, but to those on the receiving end, it's a blessing.

"Jesus told us to love each other. We were to be known by our love. In the age we live in, we could use a lot more of that," Mullholand said.

Northside Baptist hopes their Toolbox Ministry will inspire other congregations to start their own version. For more information, visit their website at

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