Ocala woman survives Pulse nightclub shooting

- Angel Lewis said she was at Pulse Nightclub Saturday night. She survived, but in her words “this still feels like a dream”

“I think I survived, because for one, I knew that God was with me,” Lewis told Fox 35’s David Williams.

Angel Lewis, 24, says she was inside Pulse nightclub in Orlando for the first time, with a friend, when the shooter started firing. “Pop pop pop pop! It just kept going and going and going,” Lewis said, describing that night.

Lewis said everyone started screaming.“Some people falling, getting trampled over,” Lewis explained.

Lewis said people were trying desperately to get away from the shooter. “I see that he’s standing at the main entrance firing shots...” Lewis explained.

People clamoring for the exits, she says she had to get out, “I felt like I was not going to give him the satisfaction of taking my life.”

Many others didn’t have that chance.

“I see a girl laying in the doorway holding her chest. Crying, screaming, calling out for help,” Lewis explained. “But there was nobody who could help her, because he was literally standing right there as she was in the doorway.”

Lewis said she and her friend ran across the stage during a pause in gunfire. "As we were running down the stage, I look back. By this time, he has his second magazine in there and you start hearing the popping going back off. But, he’s still aiming in the room on the right.”

Lewis finally slipped through a fence gap outside to safety with her friend. “You see people lying on the ground with bullet holes, or not moving at all.”

Lewis says her friends 41-year-old Paul Henry, and 19-year-old Jason Josaphat were killed inside the club that night. “There’s nothing that they did, or anybody can do,” Lewis said. “That they would deserve to be killed just from having fun.”

That is something Lewis said will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Fox 35 asked Lewis is she would ever go back to a nightclub again. She told us ’absolutely not.”

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