Rescue group nurses tiny baby orangutan left to die back to health

A rescue group in Borneo is nursing a tiny baby orangutan back to health after he was left out to die in a cardboard box in the sun.

The team that found baby "Gito" said it was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty and neglect they'd ever seen.

Gito is less than 5 months old. When they found him, his arms were folded corpse-like across his body and he looked mummified, according to the rescue group's post on Facebook.

He was dehydrated, malnourished, and had mange, a parasitic skin infection that was making him very uncomfortable. He's still in critical condition, but rescuers hope he can be saved.

The team of veterinarians are using coconut oil on his skin for relief and giving him medicine and food to help him to recover. "It’s likely his mother was brutally killed and her traumatised baby was torn from her warm body and taken into captivity," said the International Animal Rescue on its website.




Our team in Borneo are currently caring for one of the most shocking cases of animal cruelty and neglect we have ever seen.At less than 5 months old, baby Gito was dumped in a filthy cardboard box and left out in the sun to die. When our rescue team reached him, they feared he was already dead.His arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body and he looked almost mummified, lying alone in his cardboard coffin. The team rushed him to our centre and he was immediately put on a drip and a course of medication to treat him for dehydration, malnutrition and sarcoptic mange, a parasitic skin infection which must have been causing unimaginable discomfort. He was so weak from lack of food, he couldn’t even sit up.Our team of expert vets are doing all they can to ease his pain and help him to recover but we need your help now. Any donation you make will help us to save the life of little Gito, and many other orphan orangutans him: share this video far and wide to help us raise as much as possible for the treatment and care that Gito so desperately needs and deserves. For Gito’s full story visit:

Posted by International Animal Rescue on Thursday, October 15, 2015


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