Survey reveals top fears among Americans

- A survey by Champan University in California reveals Americans' top fears. And believe it or not, snakes, insects, and ghosts didn't crack the top.  

The top fear, in which 58% of people surveyed said they were afraid or very afraid, is corruption of government officials. That fear is followed by cyber-terrorism, corporate tracking of personal information and terrorist attacks. 

Also making the top 10 list of fears is government tracking of personal information, bio-warfare, identity theft and economic collapse.

The last two fears to making up the top 10 is running out of money in the future and credit card fraud.

Tampa Bay resident Maria Velazquez said cyber-terrorism is one of her top fears.

"Scares the hell out of me. Afraid to go on Facebook you feel like they're watching you," Velazquez said.

FOX 13's medical reporter Dr. Joette Giovinco said fear can be used in a positive way.

"If your fearful of something or you have concerns over something, you want to do something positive to fix or solve or mitigate that fear," Dr. Jo said.

Perhaps the only thing to truly fear is fear itself.

For more information on the fear study, click here

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