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Kidnapping suspect fights for custody of kids

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  • Chemical release causes children to get sick at Tampa pool

  • 'God Shot' may help PTSD sufferers

  • Police: Presumed kidnapper was actually helping lost child

  • Man accused in 12 tented-home break-ins


  • Photo: Nintendo

    Super NES to make a comeback

  • Air bag recalls, lawsuits lead Takata to file for bankruptcy

  • Q&A: Takata's bankruptcy and air bag recalls

  • Woman finds frog in salad at restaurant chain


  • 'God Shot' may help PTSD sufferers

  • New survey shows ‘mommy shaming' is rampant

  • St. Pete unveils new Community Resource Bus

  • Meet the 8 year-olds using jokes to fight cancer


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Father with ALS raising awareness by hiking Appalachian trail

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  • When Rick Marks was diagnosed with ALS in 2016, he didn’t take the news lying down. Instead he became a man on a mission. The father of two took a leave of absence from his job in Boston and began preparations for a 600 mile journey along the Appal

    Father with ALS raising awareness by hiking Appalachian trail

  • There’s a new doctor in town at Mount Sinai’s Kravis Children's Hospital. Or should we say professor? Professor Bunsen Honeydew has just become the first dog to be a full-time employee in New York -- Making Mt. Sinai the 11th hospital across the

    Dogs becomes full-time employee at hospital

  • Hand-holding is a supportive, romantic gesture, and, according to a new study, it’s also an effective pain reliever. a postdoctoral pain researcher at The University of Colorado-Boulder, found that the only thing that he could do during the birth o

    New study shows how hand-holding provides pain relief

  • A judge in Spain has ruled that Salvador Dali's be exhumed so a DNA sample can be taken to settle a paternity lawsuit. Plaintiff Maria Martinez claims the surrealist artist is her father.

    Judge orders Salvador Dali's body exhumed

  • St. Petersburg police have arrested a man who broke into a dozen homes while they were being tented for termites. Officers say he is a former pest control worker.

    Burglar targets homes being tented for termites

  • In November a 71 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 2. Today, more than 18 thousand of them carry a medical marijuana card, allowing them to legally purchase and consume cannabis. But perhaps what it doesn't do is just as important.

    What medical marijuana law doesn't allow

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St. Pete Pride Parade on the Waterfront

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