Posted: Mar 18, 2016 05:53PM EDT


Run for All Children

Linda Hurtado reports

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  • Deputy Mariylin Alvarez is Tampa's Hispanic Woman of the Year

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    Hispanic Woman of the Year

  • Pep rally for Polk County teachers

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    Teacher Pep Rally

  • With Puerto Rico still recovering from Hurricane Maria, people are making all kinds of sacrifices to help. Recently, 7-year-old Alex Ibarra gave up his most prized possession to help those in need: his beloved soccer jersey signed by 19-year-old risi
  • Ed Ratliff lost everything in the Tubbs Fire except his cat Milo.

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    Santa Rosa man loses everything except cat

  • Chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto

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  • A team from Suncoast Animal League returned from Puerto Rico with two dogs and two cats from overcrowded shelters there.

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    Volunteers rescue pets in Puerto Rico

  • Police have found the car that may be responsible for a hit-and-run in St. Pete.  Meanwhile, Connor Bolton is still in critical condition after being hit head-on while on a bicycle Saturday night.

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    Cyclist injured by hit-and-run driver

  • Pasco County deputies are sharing more information about last week's gun battle in Port Richey, including bodycam video from the scene.

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    Shootout details released