Nine cheetah cubs make debut at Poland Zoo

- Nine cheetah cubs have been unveiled to the public at a zoo in Opole, Poland. The cubs were born from two mother cheetahs a couple of months ago.

And while the cheetah cubs can only squeal at the moment, their keeper says they will soon become more daring, at which point limits for human-contact might have to be established to avoid potential injuries.

"Fun for them may mean a bit more than we think," said zookeeper Boguslaw Przerwa.

The first three months of the cubs' lives are crucial. Their mother has to accept them and give them proper nutrition.

If they are rejected, the keepers will place them in a different enclosure and make sure they are reared with the help of zookeepers.

The cheetah is in danger of becoming among the casualties in the extinction of species, according to the United Nations.

The UN Environment Program warns the big cat is critically endangered and has urged increased protection.

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