Trixie recovering at Fulton County Animal Services

- It's a heartbreaking sight, Trixie, the mixed-breed pit bull recovering after police say someone threw acid on her. She's recovering at Fulton County's Animal Services after investigators say someone doused her with acid, on the left side of her face and shoulder.

"Right now she's in stable condition. I think if she gets the correct medical treatment and surgeries that she's going to need she can make it," said Karen Hirsch, with Life Line Animal Project, the operators of Animal Services.

Atlanta Police said Trixie was confiscated as part of the criminal investigation to find and charge who severely injured her Saturday afternoon. Trixie's owner, Jeffry Matherlee said she got out of his home near Sawtell Avenue in Southwest Atlanta. The Animal Services report states Matherlee told investigators a man named James threw acid on Trixie and it was witnessed by a street person named Chrissy.

"My concern is my dog and her quality of life, that's it because somebody really hurt the quality of my dog’s life," said Matherlee.

He said he's talking with Animal Services to determine if he'll keep Trixie or surrender her due to the expenses of medical treatment.

"If I have to surrender her because I can't get the money that's going to require what she needs I'm going to do that," said Matherlee.

Trixie, gentle and friendly, continues to struggle through, with the possibility of losing an eye and surgeries which will scar her for life after someone's incomprehensibly cruel actions.

"It just breaks my heart to see her like that. They have taken her something she didn't even deserve," said Matherlee.

"It's incredible how resilient dogs are and how a dog can be so sweet and loving even after it's been tortured like this," said Hirsch.

In the Atlanta Police report connected to the case APD said the person responsible faces a felony criminal charge of Cruelty to Animals.

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