Cubs World Series celebration ranks as 7th largest gathering in human history

FOX 32 NEWS - Officials estimate that 5 million people showed up to the Chicago Cubs parade and rally Friday, making it the 7th largest gathering in human history.

The Cubs celebration crowd even beat out the 3.5 million people who went to Rod Stewart's 1994 concert in Rio.

The following are the largest human gatherings in history:

1. Kumbh Mela pilgrimage, India, 2013 - 30 million

2. Arbaeen festival, Iraq, 2014 - 17 million

3. Funeral of CN Annadurai, India, 1969 - 15 million

4. Funeral of Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran, 1989 - 10 million

5. Papal gathering in the Philippines, 2015 - 6 million

6. World Youth Day, 1995 - 5 million

7. Chicago Cubs World Series celebration - 5 million

8. Funeral of Gamal Abdel Nasser, 1970 - 5 million

9. Rod Stewart concert, Brazil, 1994 - 3.5 million

10. Hajj pilgrimage, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 2012 - 3 million

11. Anti-war march, Rome, 2003 - 3 million

Also, for now, the Cubs World Series celebration is the largest human gathering in United States history. Until next year ;) Go Cubs!


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