Man brings 'breast implant' to police; turns out to be jellyfish

- When a concerned citizen brings in evidence of a possible murder, police are all ears.  But, in one recent Australian case, the would-be detective might have been better served bringing the 'evidence' to an aquarium.

According to the Queensland Police Service, a man walked into the police station in Maroochydore, which is on the country's Sunshine Coast, with a "bagged and tagged" round object that he had found earlier in the day.

The man was concerned that the shiny, gelatinous, and slightly opaque item was a prosthetic breast implant from someone who had drowned or even been murdered.

"Officers seized the item at the request of the man and provided him with a receipt," Senior Constable Zoe Brady wrote Friday.

However, investigators quickly confirmed their own suspicions: The 'breast implant' was actually a dead jellyfish.

"No updates on the suspicious jellyfish at this stage," a spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.

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