6-year-old orders $170 dollhouse, cookies with Amazon's Alexa

One of this year's hottest Christmas gifts can turn on music and order dinner at the command of your voice. But as one Dallas family learned the hard way, it can be a little too helpful.

When packages started arriving at the family's home, they soon realized their new Amazon Echo Dot was their 6-year-old's new best friend.

Amazon’s Echo’s voice assistant, Alexa, can play music and tell jokes. And as Brooke Neitzel learned even before her mom did, it can order anything your heart desires.

“I said to her, ‘Alexa, can you please order a dollhouse and some cookies?’” the 6-year-old recalled.

“Did you think they would really show up?” asked reporter Lori Brown.

“Yes!” she replied.

The Echo Dot was a gift from her mom’s mother-in-law. Once she turned it on, it synced up to her Amazon account, including her credit card.

“I did not know it could order things,” said Brooke’s mom, Megan. “Knew it could order pizza. That's what we said to you."

It did not take long for the damage to be done.

“Christmas night, I got a notification, “Your order has shipped.” And I thought I haven't ordered anything today,” Megan said.

But once Megan pieced together what happened, it was already too late to cancel the $170 dollhouse and four pounds of cookies.

While the family has been enjoying the cookies, they plan to donate the dollhouse to charity.

“I already have a dollhouse,” Brooke explained.

The 6-year-old says she learned her lesson and will ask her mom and dad before asking Alexa for something.

Megan says she has now set up a parental password, which she said was very simple to do. She just did not know the power of that little Echo Dot when she plugged it in.

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