Anti-Trump protesters march in downtown Houston on Inauguration Day

- When Houstonians protest, it's usually orderly. Smashing a piñata is about it as wild as it gets, but make no mistake, these demonstrators are not happy. They are angry and afraid of what a new Trump administration will bring.

"We just elected a president who is a racist, so we're hoping right now to spread awareness that we are going to defend ourself," said protester Esmeralda Cabrera.

Dozens of demonstrators marched from the plaza in front of City Hall down Smith Street to the Micky Leland Federal Building under police escort.  They demonstrators call themselves the January 20th Coalition to protest the inauguration of President Trump.  They had  representatives from 13 separate groups from the socialists, to Black Lives Matter to the dreamers. All marched under the watchful but protective eyes of HPD officers.

"I just want to make sure my officers know protecting the First Amendment is important  to us and I want the protesters to know there's a line between First Amendment activity and criminal activity," said HPD Chief Art Acevedo, who met personally with protesters before the march.

So why protest after the inauguration?  Mr. Trump is already officially the president.  Isn't it too late?

"No of course not. We are concerned with building a resistance. And effective political resistance and to be honest  we're not relying on the Democrats. This is an independent,  working-class political action,"  said Dr. David Michael Smith with the Houston Socialists.

A resistance that may also have to blow off a little steam.

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