Carrollton PD: Suspect's puppy recovering from heroin overdose


Carrollton police are calling one puppy an honorary K-9 after he survived a heroin overdose that led to his owner’s arrest.

A patrol officer discovered the three to four month old pup barely breathing and suffering from an overdose on Saturday on the floorboard of a truck in a Home Depot parking lot. Police say his owners were inside switching price tags.

Thomas Romero and Nina Crawford were arrested for switching tags as well as drug possession.

North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic in Carrollton took in the dog, which they renamed Opie, and say things were touch-and-go for a moment.

“[He was] in a comatose state on his little side, barely breathing, heart rate really low, body temperature really low. He was just moments away from stopping breathing.”

Vets say it took about 24 hours for Opie's condition to improve.

The dog is currently in the care of Carrollton Animal Services. If all goes well, it will be placed up for adoption at a later time.

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