Dog helps other rescues, given honorary fire hydrant


In Oswego, New York, a pitbull named “Kevin” received what most dogs can only dream of -- his very own fire hydrant. 

Mayor Billy Barlow presented the fire hydrant outside City Hall in his honor, and Kevin even wore his best suit and tie for the occasion. But life hasn’t always been this glamorous for the canine. 

When Kevin was found in 2015, he was thin, lacked most of his fur, and his tail was bent and broken. Paws Across Oswego County was called in to help, and while photographing his healing process they discovered Kevin loved the camera. 

Margie Wentworth of the PAOC told Oswego County Today, “One day, we put a hat on him, he gave the biggest silly smile. And at that point, we realized he loved to dress up and loved the camera.” 

But as they searched to find him a forever home, they discovered he had kidney failure. The staff at the PAOC decided they would stop looking to place him, and became his forever home instead. It was a good fit, as Kevin’s adorable photographs made him the perfect spokesperson for the group. He now travels to raise awareness for other rescue dogs while raising money for shelters. 

Wentworth continued, “Kevin is always happy. He takes each day with so much excitement and love for life and it always shows in his pictures. We all should be like Kevin and enjoy each day for what it brings.”

And while he doesn’t have his paws in the walk of fame yet, his very own fire hydrant has to make him the envy of dogs everywhere. 


Watch the video to see Kevin strut his stuff.

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