Man donates kidney to save old Army friend's life


They come to depend on each other on the battlefield, but men and women in the military have each other’s backs off the battlefield as well. Such is the case of Kai Johns and Robert Harmon. 

The two men served together in Fort Bragg during the 1990’s, and although the two men hadn’t seen each other in sixteen years -- they are still there for one another. When both of Kai’s kidneys failed, Robert didn’t hesitate when he saw a Facebook post from Kai’s wife. 

“It was a Facebook post. It said, a kidney for Kai,” Harmon told FOX 5 DC. “I Facebook messaged her, and ask her, what could I do to start getting tested.”

Robert insists that he would do the same for any of those he’s served with. 

“It’s not just him,” Harmon said. “It would be any other close Army brothers and sisters that we have together.”

The three-hour surgery was performed by Dr. Jennifer Verbesy at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, and she urges people in need of a kidney to ask for help. 

“Just tell people what’s going on in your life,” Verbesy said. “If you tell people about your illness- sometimes people are very private and don’t share it. But if you share what’s going on, you’ll be surprised who comes out of the woodwork to help you.”

Both men have recovered from the surgery, and Kai is grateful for his old friend came through for him. 

“For someone to step up and just save your can’t come up with a word for it.”


Watch the video to see this courage off the battlefield. 

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