Bible verse on back of man's truck raises eyebrows

- A Virginia man is causing controversy as he drives around town in his truck decorated with a Bible verse from First Corinthians.

The tailgate of Tom Hicks’ truck reads "Women shall be silent and submissive… read your bible."

Hicks also painted three crosses and the symbol many recognize as the “Jesus Fish” on the tailgate.

All of this may lead you to think Hicks is a deeply religious man, but he says he is trying to point out that he believes the Bible is a hateful piece of work. He hopes folks will read it for themselves.

"The reason I put this particular message on, I want people to read the Bible, I want them to see this message and say, 'Is that true?'" Hicks explained. "It's a hateful, hateful piece of work which Christians try to turn around and they talk about love."

Many around his town just say the message is offensive. Others say it’s taken out of context.

"The very person who wrote that passage of scripture in Corinthians, also wrote in Ephesians that husbands are to love their wives just as Christ loved the Church, which is an unconditional love, and it's a sacrificial love," Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Pastor Joey Anthony said.

But Hicks says he doesn’t plan to change anything about the appearance of his truck.

"Hopefully people will read it and learn for themselves, these Preachers and Priests and Ministers, they're making stuff up," Hicks added.

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