Big changes coming to Facebook profiles

Facebook officials say people visit their profiles more than four billion times per day and that’s why they're looking to add some new flavor to the social site.   
Facebook unveiled some new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles.
There are three main changes that should give users more opportunities to express who they are and control the content showcased on their profile.
The world has changed since they first introduced profiles in 2004. On News Feed and profiles, people create and view more videos than ever before. 
Now the company is starting to test the next step: profile videos. 
Soon, you’ll be able to film a short, looping video clip that will play for anyone who visits your profile. Profile videos will let show a part of yourself you couldn’t before, and add a new dimension to your profile.
Facebook also built some new features that will help you better let your personality shine through your profile picture. 
Facebook has started to roll out the ability to set a temporary version of your profile picture that reverts back to your previous profile picture at a specified time. 
Want to support your team in the week leading up to the big game, commemorate a special milestone like a birthday or vacation or show off a great #tbt picture? 
Now you can create a temporary profile picture specifically for those moments and events. It can be a visual status update to let your friends know what’s going on in your life today, or it can be your statement of solidarity for a cause you feel strongly about.
Users have always been able to control who can see the information you showcase on your profile, and now we’re making it easier for you to see what others can view by introducing a new customizable space at the top of your profile. 
You can curate this space— and convey what you want people to know about you— by changing the visibility of the fields that show up here. You can also fill out the new, one-line ‘Bio’ field: select certain public About fields like work and education details to appear there; and even visually highlight what’s important to you by choosing up to five Featured Photos to be showcased at the top of your profile. 
While this space is visible to anyone who visits your profile, you have full control of what information appears here.
We’ve also made some small changes that will help you learn more about the people you’ve just met and ensure you see the most interesting visual highlights from the friends you already know. 
Facebook is starting to test all of these features to a small number of iPhone users in the UK and California soon. 
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