Posted: Oct 20, 2017 08:31PM EDT


Two arrested after drug bust finds $1.5 million worth of heroin

Two arrested after drug bust finds $1.5 million worth of heroin

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  • Troubled rapper-singer XXXTentacion was shot and killed Monday in Florida in what police called an apparent robbery attempt.

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    Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida

  • The World Health Organization announced Monday that some obsessive video gamers may have an actual addiction that could be classified as a mental health disorder.
  • The Polk County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly shooting in a Fort Meade neighborhood. One person was killed, two others were injured. It happened around 6:45 Monday evening on the 400 block of 3rd Street Southwest.

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  • A new report paints a dire picture for beach residents in Florida.

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  • Several protests were held in Pinellas County because of the policy that separates children from their families at the Mexican border.

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  • Frodo the beagle is doing what most dogs do: looking for food. But Frodo isn’t hungry - he’s on the job. Frodo is a member of O’Hare International Airport’s “Beagle Brigade,” an elite unit of luggage-sniffing beagles that work at U.S. Cus
  • Riders on a roller coaster at Six Flags America were safely removed from their ride after it stalled on the tracks.
  • FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald reports.