Alabama teen 'comes back to life' after parents prep to donate his organs

- The parents of an Alabama boy say their son’s recovery from severe brain trauma after a dune buggy accident is a miracle. 

Two months ago, 13-year-old Trenton McKinley was at a friend’s house, sitting in a small utility trailer, being pulled by a dune buggy, when it flipped. Trenton tells FOX 10 he hit the concrete, and the trailer landed on top of his head.

“After that, I don’t remember anything,” he explained.

He was rushed to USA Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama, with seven skull fractures. The side of his head was stapled shut, his mother, Jennifer Reindl recalled, so he can breathe again.

“He was dead a total of 15 minutes, and when he came back, they said he would never be normal again,” she said. “They told me the oxidation problems would be so bad to his brain, that he would be a vegetable even if he made it.” 

For the next several days, Trenton was barely breathing, and his parents decided to sign paperwork to donate his organs.

"Five kids needed organs that matched him," Jennifer recalled, and it was unfair to keep bringing him back because it was just damaging his organs even more."

A day before the doctors were set to take Trenton off of life support, he started coming back. The 13-year-old said he believed he was in heaven.

“There’s no other explanation but God. There’s no other way that I could have came back,” he said. “Even the doctors said that."

Trenton has since been making strides beyond what anyone expected, but it’s not without a struggle. He has since lost 50 pounds, and deals with nerve pain and seizures daily. He said the accident was a lesson learned, and he has become more cautious in his decision-making.

“He’s a miracle, and he just amazes everybody,” Jennifer said. “Every day, he just does more and more.”

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