Amazon has 40% off diapers right now

The Huggies brand has a coupon for  20% off 4 different types of diapers.

You will receive an additional 20% off from Amazon Family when purchase diapers through “Subscribe and Save.”

The 20% coupon diaper stacks on top of the Amazon Family 20% Subscribe and Save discount. So when you add these two together, diapers are 40% off!

Bonus: You can also get 20% off wipes with this coupon. If you “Subscribe and Save,” you can save an additional 20% on your first order of wipes, totaling 40% off! If you choose not to “Subscribe and Save,” you get an additional 5% off, not 20%.

So if you need any diapers or wipes (or know a friend or family member who might need some) then you should read this and take advantage of the deal.

As shown in the Amazon Shopping Cart screenshot below, the original price a select set of diapers is $39.99. The 20% coupon saves $8.00 and the 20% Amazon Family saves another $8.00. The total savings is $16.00 which is a savings of 40%. Here’s the final price for a box of diapers when added to your cart.

*Note, prices of diapers may vary, it depends on the type you get.

Here’s how to claim the great offer:

You need to be an Amazon Prime member.  If you aren’t a member you can get a free 30-day trial here.

Go to this page and clip the 20% off Huggies coupon(s).

Sign-up for Amazon Family here.

Add one of the products below to your shopping cart and choose the “Subscribe Now” option (you can always cancel the subscription before the next one ships out).


Note: If you don’t want an ongoing diaper subscription, you can just cancel the subscription after the order is shipped with no additional charges.  Just go the Subscribe and Save Items menu option under Your Account. You can then always re-subscribe later to take advantage of the next deal that pops up.

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