Biggest Supermoon in nearly 70 years lights up the sky November 2016

According to NASA, the biggest Supermoon of the century will light up the sky on November 14, 2016.
Nayessda Castro, a team member of NASA's Engineer Mission Operation Team, talked with FOX 5's Steve Chenevey and Tucker Barnes on the uniqueness of this particular moon. 
What makes a moon a Supermoon?
It must be in the full moon phase, and the moon must be at its closest point to earth in its 27 day orbit cycle. When these occur together, the moon appears to be up to 14% longer and up to 30% wider as compared to its furthest point from earth. 
A common misconception is that a Supermoon is rare, as we can see them several times a year.  However, the upcoming Supermoon is special because it has not been seen since 1948 and it won't return until November 25, 2034.
Unless you're up for waiting 18 years, which is totally fine, we suggest grabbing a blanket and your pumpkin spice to admire the moon in it's full glory.
Leading up to November 14, the moon will continue to appear bigger and bigger in the sky. 
FOX 5's Tucker Barnes asked if the moon would impact tides across the planet. 
"The super moon isn't going to cause any type of catastrophic events," said Castro.
Also, and the best part, the moon will be visible from any point. So you can't say you don't see it!
If you'll be taking pictures be sure to tweet us or tag us on Instagram-- we may use them on air. 
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