Body camera video shows officer dragged by suspected drunk driver

- An Oklahoma police officer was dragged by a car with a suspected drunk driver behind the wheel, and it was all captured on body camera footage, released by the agency.

The video showed an Oklahoma City police officer approaching a man who appeared to be passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle last week. After repeatedly knocking on 22-year-old Virgil Spencer’s window, officers said he woke up and made attempts to put the car in gear.

Despite numerous warnings to surrender to police, Spencer refused, police say. So, one officer broke the window and reached his hand inside the car to turn it off.

The officer is heard saying in the body camera video, "Open your door" and "Turn off your car." That’s when Spencer is seen driving away, with the officer hanging on for about 60 feet. The car came to a complete stop after the officer managed to pull the parking brake, police say. A second officer broke the passenger window of the vehicle and pulled Spencer out, reports FOX 25. There were no reported injuries to any officer.

Spencer is facing charges including DUI, assault and battery, and operating a vehicle without a restricted license. 

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