Boy, 7, builds 'blessing box' to help those in need

- A little boy with a heart of gold wants to make a difference, so he's reaching out to Leesburg's homeless community.

Alex Martinez, 7, has created what is known as a "blessing box."   The idea behind the box is simple: take what you need, leave what you can. What started out as food and toiletries, quickly evolved to include other necessities, like clothing.

"I helped my dad build it," says Alex.  "I own this box, and we put a lot of stuff inside the box."   He explains with pride, "These shirts were put in here by somebody else this morning, they magically appeared."

The Martinez Family put the blessing box together two weeks ago.  Alex had been inviting homeless people from the neighborhood onto the front porch to give them food and drinks. His mother, Janet, says this was a safer way to help. 

"Everybody is happy, because we put this out for them to help. Everybody comes and goes and gets stuff and some people put stuff in," says Alex.  "Some people that do have stuff, they put stuff in here for the other people, and other people bring it out and put stuff in, and it goes on and on."

Little Alex maintains the box, collecting and organizing donations.  He is happy with the impact his blessing box has made on others.  "I'm pretty proud," he tells us.  "Other people should get some scrap wood and build boxes around the neighborhood!" 

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