Chick-fil-A 'cell phone coop' boxes promote family time

Free ice cream? Seems like a no-brainer! 

A Chick-fil-A spokesperson told us the concept was created by Brad Williams, who is the franchise owner of the Sugarloaf Corporate Center and Moore Road restaurants in metro Atlanta. Since the challenge began at the local level, Chick-fil-A does not have a list of participating restaurants, but a number of locations have requested the boxes. 

The Chick-fil-A Rivers Avenue location, which is in North Charleston, South Carolina has already had families successfully complete the challenge. The restaurant shared several pictures on Facebook, including one image of Charleston Southern University's head football coach and his family. 

"This is such a great idea! Thank you CFA for valuing and stressing the importance of family time," said Solmaz Zarrineh Chadwell. 

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Next time you walk into a Chick-fil-A, you might spot a box called the "Cell Phone Coop." It's part of a new, and brilliant, incentive that several CFA restaurants are using to promote the importance of family meal time. 

It's called the "Family Challenge" and here's how it works:

  1. Turn all family cell phones to silent and place in the cell phone coop. 
  2. Enjoy your meal and each other's company distraction free
  3. After the meal, let Chick-fil-A know that your family has successfully completed the challenge and each member will receive a small Icedream cone.
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