Couple, married 75 years, share names with hurricanes Harvey, Irma

- A couple married for 75 years is gaining fame all because they have the same first names as the recent hurricanes.

Irma and Harvey Schulter have been married for 75 years. But never did this couple from Spokane, Washington, think this year's hurricane season would make them famous.

Irma, 92, and her 104-year-old husband, Harvey share their first names with two major hurricanes of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

Harvey Schulter is a veteran. He was a soldier when the couple met in Spokane. And they got married in 1942.

They raised three children and raised more than 100 foster children.

"I remember the first airplane I saw. So, we all jumped up and went and looked at the airplane," Irma said. "I opened the door and I saw a soldier and I shut the door because I didn't know who it was."

The big question is: how do they feel sharing names with two devastating storms?

Both Irma and Harvey say they're not sure what they think and admit it's been hard for them to watch coverage of the storms. 

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